Magic Hair Curlers – 18 Pc


Magic Hair Curlers – 18 Pc

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These curlers work great on long or short hair. Get those perfect spiral curls without heat. They are super easy to use, and you can do your entire head of hair in just five minutes.


  • Includes 18 rollers, 1 hook, and one additional tool

Special features:

  • Works great on all types of hair
  • Curlers are 16-23 cm long and can curl hair up to 38 cm long


  • After shower, while your hair is damp and almost dry, simply take a 1 inch section of hair, slide the curler onto the hook and through the slit; the hair is then pulled inside the curler with the hook
  • Sleep in them or blow dry hair afterwards, and once your hair is dry, slide the curler off and you have curls that last for days


  • COLORS will vary between blue, pink, yellow, green, and orange
  • Customers with long hair will need to order 2 sets to curl your hair completely
  • Most customers average between 10-20 curlers per head, depending on thickness of hair
  • Additional information

Additional information


Blue, Green, Multi Color, Pink, Yellow