111-Pack: Multicolored Magic Water Balloons

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Product Description

Summer might seem far away, but it never hurts to plan ahead, right? As long as you don’t mind your kids having fun, as long as you don’t mind endless laughter, as long as you don’t mind squeals of delight–yes, as long as you don’t mind these things, your backyard is sure to become water bomb central in your neighborhood as the kids come to cool off on hot summer days. With 111 water balloons to keep the giggle decibels high and the heat exposure low, this will be one battle zone you just might be tempted get yourself in on!

Want to know more? • Includes 3 bundles of balloons, for a total of 111 • Fills up in seconds: simply hold the hose with the balloons over the bucket and turn the water on • Easy to use and fun for the whole family • Multicolored